matluthfi90 : he's funny. I mean really funny!!!


As you all realize, YouTube become really popular right now. Some of them become popular through YouTube such as Anna Raffali(did i spell it right???) and Justin Bieber.

Well, I'm not the one that really fanatic to the YouTube, but some of the videos in YouTube (mostly posted in Facebook) makes me wanna know the owner of the video. Ever heard about inianwarhadi??? Well, he's known also from YouTube. Even i know him through YouTube,but I'm not really fan of him, but i really recommend all of you to see his video. His English really fluent and he's from Kedah, if I'm not mistaken.

Before him, there's someone that i really like so much!!!His videos are really funny, and i can watch it like a hundred of time without feeling bored. I still remember, i know him through one video that were posted in Facebook and the video's about mother's day. I bet most of you ever watched it right.???

Well, i downloaded the video because i never watched a man wishes mother's day such like he did and plus the funny part. Today, i found his YouTube's channel, and yes, i try to download all the videos. For those who are still don't know what I talking about, why don't you try see the videos itself?? This is his YouTube's channel :

I like this video very much!!!

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