Sometimes we have to look to the past


When you start being a student you tend to think, when all this gonna over? How many years does it takes to live in this miserable life as a student. But when it's over, then you will regret, that it is over. Life as a student.

There are no more holidays, no more skipping classes and no more variation. What we'll face is just the same routine every day until we get retire. At that point you will start thinking how cool to be back, being a student. A miserable life but yet had a lot of fun.

Being an engineering student is not really in my wishing list. I never thought one day I'll be here being an engineering student. But here I am right now completing my final year as an engineering student. Maybe some will says, i am lucky because i can overcome this and get through it until the end.

But sometimes i felt i had make a wrong decision in my entire life by choosing this course. I keep telling it to myself that i had make a wrong decision. But then i think, there are reasons why god make me come out with this decision. Yes, God knows what the best for you.

When looking back to the past, i realized that, before i choose this course, i had pray to God to show me what the best for me and i end up by choosing this course. And now i feel regret because i am now complaining what God had gave to me. What i have done.? I must keep going because i know, God have plan something better for me.

So lets through this life as a student. Because the time is ticking very fast. And use it as best as you can cause you will never sure either you can be in this miserable life again or not because you will start stuck with the same routine in the next maybe 30 years. Being student is a great think that ever happen in your life. Believe me!!

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