Continue or NOT??


Yes, my FINAL exam was already finished and now one thing left is completing my thesis.. Now a week left for me to be here in UiTM. Seriously, it will be a sad moment leaving this university. 4 YEARS been here, a lot of things happen. Sad, happy, angry and too much feeling that i cannot describe. UiTM will always be in my heart. T_T

But yesterday, i went to faculty's office and find out i got an offer letter from faculty. Guess what did they offered to me. CONTINUE STUDY!!! Yes, i already got one. Actually twice because first i got an offered to continue at oversea and one more is in country for master degree. Now they offered me for Phd. WOW!! Can't believe i got such offer. Never crossed my mind i will continue doing Phd. But they just offer without any scholarship.

Actually it is a good opportunity for me, because it is a chance in a life time to do Phd. About scholarship, I can just apply, and insyaallah with my result i think it is not a problem. But i don't know what my decision right now. I'm just waiting the result for master degree first. Just hope i can make a good decision in my life. At least once!!!


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  1. Congratez~

    Dari dulu sampai sekarang, memang selalu aje kempunan nak dapat tawaran-tawaran macam ni.

    So, do your best!