Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So, how was your day. For me, a lot of things happen lately. I met my former English teacher on Thursday and gave her the quilling order... Alhamdulillah she like it so much. I was kind of worried she will not like the outcome. But I think I just think it too much  :)

And yes I look so chubby in that picture plus the bad scarf day.. Well, not everything going perfect right.

And on Friday I had an appointment with my twin. She reviewed me, since I'm complaining about my right upper tooth. Well, after one another, now, I have to undergo RCT (Root Canal Treatment). And for your information, I just got a bridge about a month ago and now RCT. Yes it is so frustrating. It kind of sad because I have done everything that have been told. I floss my teeth with 2 types of floss everyday, brush it twice a day and even using mouth wash. It is a very good oral hygiene you know.  I 'm not giving compliment to myself but, if I compare it  to other people, yes I would say, I have a very good oral hygiene. But it's all was Allah planned. Not all we plan will come out good right. 

And then on the evening I went to PKNS to send a letter. After that,I just hanging around, and suddenly someone approached me and greet me. He asked me either I'm a lecturer. But then I replied, I'm a student. He then asked me what i'm studying and for about 5 minutes,then he asked me either i'm free at that time and ask me to join him for a drink.

And I don't know what I was thinking at that time, I just say yes and followed him for drink. At that time I didn't feel any suspicious but then during the drink he asked me for my number. And, yes I gave him my number. An then he missed call me and guess what, it was a private number. And at that time I just started feeling something is wrong. And at that time, I just realized what have I done. I just want to ran away that time when I remember about my friend's experience which also exactly like me.

I started giving excuses when he invite me for breakfast on the next day. But he insist to have breakfast with me and asked me to join him on Sunday. But, I just said to him, I'm not intend to meet him again. At that time, I just don't want to be there. It kind of scary even though we were in public place. After that I said to him I'm gonna hanging around and have to go, I thought he will not ask anything at that time, but then he asked could he join me. And straight away I replied to him, "No!". I just leave him.

So, friends. The moral of the story don't ever trust people. Even though he/she claimed to be an educated person. Because not all educated person are nice. I still remember when he said, I will not be a good lecturer since I'm thinking negatively. For me, yes, I have to think negatively in that situation. Even though he claimed he is a lecturer but what can proof that.So girls, when you want to go out, go out with your friends, but  if you still need to go out alone, please be careful and don't ever talk to a stranger.

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