Suddenly, i want to write something about marriage. I don't think it is a problem even though i'm only 22. Before I start, it is better for us to know, the meaning of marriage in view of Islam.

Perkahwinan ialah ijab dan qabul (‘aqad) yang menghalalkan persetubuhan antara lelaki dan perempuan yang diucapkan oleh kata-kata yang menunjukkan nikah, menurut peraturan yang ditentukan oleh Islam

So, that's the meaning of marriage. Why I want to write about this matter by the way? Someone propose me. Is it true??? It is hard to say, but maybe it is true. hahahaha..

As a human being it is something natural to get married. But the question is, are we ready for that.??And can we give a full commitment into this matter.?I know, some of us get married because they have fall in love with someone, and that's why they want to get married.

But, in my point of view, love is insufficient for someone to make a decision to get married. Marriage is the thing that we must think deeply, especially for us, women..We cannot just think like,today we make a decision, than tomorrow we get married. It can't be like that.

I ever had a conversation with my cousin, during her sister's weeding. She had said something that i will think deeply about marriage. Ans she is a year younger than me.

"Kita ni perempuan kalau nak kawen kena pikir betul-betul. Sebabnya, sebelum kawen orang akan panggil kita anak dara, bila dah kawen status tuh terus tukar kepada isteri orang. Kalau kita bercerai, kita tak dapat dah status anak dara tuh, tapi kita akan dapat status janda tak pun kalau laki kita meninggal, kita akan dipanggil balu."

Okay, it is not actually about status only, but many things. We get married not just for one day, all of us want to get married and be together for the rest of their life. So, it is really important to be fully confident, before we make any decision on getting married. Islam also teach us how to find a good wife and husband.

So, I hope things will clear with my explanation. I know, someone maybe will read this entry, and i'm sorry if he not comfortable with my explanation. Jodoh itu ditangan Allah, and suatu hari kita pasti akan ditemukan dengan jodoh kita. Yakinlah dengan janji Allah itu.


p/s: friends, tomorrow is my first paper. Wish me luck!!!

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