All new in new semester


How long i didn't update my blog??Maybe a week.. don't no cause i never thought about it by the way. So, now I'm in shah alam. Yup!! It's a new semester and 3 days has past without any classes yet. Timetable?? Disaster!!! Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can you imagine??? Don't imagine because it will cause you to insane!! My holiday just in Wednesday!! Gila boring!!

We just got a new housemate!!! Yeah!! So, that's new for this semester. Hehehe..don't know what should i write..idea2..

JPA, still waiting, waiting and waiting...stress!! I just got a new browser by the way..It's not really new, it's Mozilla but the latest version which is in beta version. Google chrome?? I just uninstall it, it cause me a lot of problems!!

This latest Mozilla just like Google chrome but it's much better than chrome i think.. I can play piano, look up for dictionary, find place, open the you tube and Facebook without opening the other's so one tab you can open anything you want!!

So, for those who want to try this latest version of Mozilla, just download the Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 and start exploring this new version of Mozilla. I bet you will not regret!!


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  1. hahaha...yerr kerr firefox bater dari google chrome?? aku rasa google chrome lagi bagus...hurm....apa pon nk cuba lah firefox nie hiuhiuh thanks dear 4 the infomation ^_^