The coolest Kim Jae Wook


Okay i know, it's been a while since my last entry. Seriously, i don't have the passion to write. But i really want to write something. Okay it's better for me to wish all of you a happy new year. So, how your celebration upon this coming new year.? I hope, you all will celebrate in a joyful and happiness.


What i want to write today is not about the celebrating this new year. I want to write something that i like or i admire. When i like something or admire to someone, i really want to express myself, or to tell somebody about that. That's my habit.

Do you know Kim Jae Wook?? If you ever watched the korean drama call "coffee prince" or maybe "bad guy", you all may know him. He's a model and now an actor. In coffee prince, i never noticed him as a guy that i admire, since he has long hair, and i really don't like a guy with long hair.

But after watching korean drama call "marry me mary", i really admire with the second hero that play the character of jung in and it's kim jae wook. so, i start to find more about him and i really suprise when i know he's the same men in the drama "coffee prince". He's so cool in the drama "marry me mary" same as "bad guy". So, i start to admire him.

He's skinny, have a long messy hair, except in "marry me mary" he has a short hair and really smart and also a smoker. But he has something that make me admire him so much even though all the character that he has i don't like. His smile.!

It's hard to see he smile in many of his drama. His character always, a serious person, but once he smile, he look very cute and charming. I like it very much. Sometimes he looks like a girl because of his long hair, but i think in different way, isn't he's cool with that messy long hair??Okay, i'm going crazy!! But still kyuhun still the cutest one but kim jae wook is the coolest one.


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