Semester break


Finally, i'm writing back! Seriously i don't have an enough time to update this blog.. Currently i'm in Shah Alam finishing this 3p program. For others, it's a semester break, but not for me. It is so sad being here while others enjoying their holiday at home.

Why i'm here?? Because i've joined one of the program that have been offered by on of the company which is call the 3P program. It's stand for "Program Pentauliahan Profesional". I took the windows 7 program and just now, i was sitting for the exam, and i passed!Thank god! I passed with score of 775/1000 and one of my classmates get it full mark!There'll be one more exam which will be held on 15 of Disember and i hope i'll pass so that i can get the certificate.


Last weekend i've attended a weeding ceremony of my cousin and it was held in Bidor. It was great, and the ceremony went very well. We, together with my family also went to Tapah, and my twin have snap some of the pictures, but for more pictures, you all can go to her here. I can't upload here because the internet is too slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Just enjoy the picture at my twin's blog.


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