Difference from others maybe?


So, what suppose i write today. By the way, i'll be sitting for the 70 685 exam this Wednesday and friends, wish me luck ok :)..tak study, macam mana la nak lulus kan???aish!!!!

Okay, back to the topic. We can see, today DSLR is a common thing that everybody want to have it, such as a thing-must-have, and a lots of us now are affordable to get one, difference is, the price and the quality. And of course same goes to me, but i'm not buy yet (bila tah nak beli...)

So, if we talk about dslr, we must think of the popular brand such as canon and nikon. They are the top brand for this dslr. And i wish i have a canon, but at the same time i wish to have this one!!

Isn't this cool. It's call the olympus pen. So, what is special about this kind of expensive dslr?? Compare to nikon and canon, yes, you cannot challenge both of them, but this olympus pen is just different from others dslr. Beside it's more compact, it also have an antique style and that's why i like it so much!!

Actually there're many series of olmypus pen but the latest one is Olympus pen E-PL1 and it is really cool and for sure really expensive. But i really hope that i can buy one, someday. So for more information you all can go to olympus website or just type olympus pen at the google search.

After this, i bet you all will also have a dream to buy one..


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