23rd Birthday!


Alhamdulillah I'm now 23. Thanks to Allah for giving this opportunity to live in this world until today.Alhamdulillah.

So, yesterday was my birthday, but I'm not kind a person who celebrate their birthday. Just be thankful to God is more than enough, because we never know how long we will be in this world.

To celebrate my birthday, my mother cooked mee kari. I tell you, her mee kari is the best.!!Thanks mom for preparing me this meal. She prepared the mee kari on the night before. Once again thanks.

In the evening my younger brother decided to make a homemade ice cream. It was miserable at first because i don't really know how to make ice cream. Based on his instruction, I knew there were something wrong with the ingredients and the way to make the ice cream. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly even though not really smooth, but the ice cream turns out very well. It's an ice cream, the taste, the look, just similar to ice cream from the store. So now i have the experience on making an ice cream, and insyaallah i can do better next time. ^___^

Around 5 pm my older brother asked me to searched on the internet on how to make a picnic table. And that evening was ended with me, younger brother and older brother making the picnic table. The table is not done yet, and insyaallah by tomorrow we can finish it. I'll show the complete one later on.

That was the plan that we were used. And we just used the used woods to make this table, since the woods are still in good condition. Can't wait to see the result. And by night, i decided to make a roti jala since there still have a leftover of kari ayam.

This was a very meaningful birthday i ever had. Hope next year will be more joyful. Thanks for those whore are wished me at the facebook and also sms. Thank you!!!


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