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Yeah, I know it is already more than 2 weeks i didn't update this blog. Seriously, I don't have time even a second (i know, it is a lie, it is just a metaphor to show you all that I'm really busy for past 2 weeks).

Maybe some of you did noticed that I already got a job even it is just temporary. Yes, I'm employed and now I'm working as a teacher. A replacement English teacher to be exact. Maybe some of you will start questioning me, am I qualified to be a teacher moreover as an English teacher. I know I'm not that good in English, but I try to improve it day by day.

At first I didn't want to attend the interview, but my mom said to me, just go and try. So, I attended the interview on 13 June 2011. Okay, I didn't prepare anything on that day, because I thought I will not get the job. But, maybe God really want to give this job to me, so the interview was a succeed even I know, it was a terrible interview I ever attend.

So, on 14 June 2011, I went to the school that I have been attached for teaching, Sekolah Kebangsaan Lubuk Sireh. A primary school in a rural area. I have been attached with Year 2 and Year 3 for English subject and Year 4 for Sivik subject. I don't have any idea how to teach Sivik, because for entire life I never learned Sivik.

I got the last class. The class that students come to school not for study but to play. Yes, It was hard and tough. The standard of the school is really at critical. They don't even know how to write and read. Can you imagine, Year 3 students, just know how to write his name. Anything else, No! I was shocked at first. I never thought I will be teaching this kind of students. Never paid attention in class, played in class, didn't bring books to school and even pencils.

It was tough, really tough and was miserable. They don't even scared with 'rotan'. Until now, I don't know how to handle them. I just hope I can still be patience with them. I really hope. All the teachers there are really friendly. I just love making friends with them. I'm also a class teacher for class 2B. And there're twin. Boys. :)

This has been week 3, and there are long journey I have to faces. Just wishing me Gud luck for coming days.


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