Falling in love with Quilling

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When I start learned quilling I just learned the basic technique, and I never knew there was another technique which is very cool and not really hard to learn. As I said before,practice makes perfect.Just believe with this quote and I bet you will not give up! So, yesterday, when I was browsing the internet I found one of the quilling tutorial on husking technique . And it was super easy to follow.!!

Since I was sick for a couple of days, I had been away from quilling work. And I really hope that I will recover soon because I really want to make another quilling because I have fall in love with it. Now I have recover from fever, so I decided to start quilling back..And when I was browsing it, was in the middle of night. But since I can't wait for the next morning, I made the quilling using the new technique in the middle of night. I really into it. I feel very relax when I'm quilling. And this is the flower that I made using this husking technique!

And I also received the official letter for my master. Alhamdulillah. I will start on the end of February.. I really hope I can still do quilling while I 'm in the middle of study..I don't want to miss doing it, because it makes me feel very calm and relax while doing it. Owh, I don't know how should describe it.. You should try it by yourself!!

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  1. wahh..like interesting with quiling..love so much besides that,,.at youtube many tutorial..