Wishlist for 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Okay, I never made any wishlist before, but now I thinking, why not doing one. Actually I have a lot of wishes, but there are some that I really want to do!

1. I want to buy a camera.Actually I have one, but the quality is not so good. I really want the Nikon 1 J1..Hopefully one day I will buy it.Just need to save some of my money.

2. I don't know either I should tell this thing or not.  I want to sponsor my brother's wedding. InsyaAllah..Just pray for me.

3. I want to buy the quilling tool. I know, I have told you before that I made my own tool. But I really need a proper tool!!  Hopefully one day.. InsyaAllah.

4. I want unlimited card stock together with colouful colour paper. I know, it look unreasonable, but InsyaAllah, who knows right.

5. I want to go for backpacking! Seriously!I want to go to Vietnam! And also Turki and Cairo. InsyaAllah, but I need a travel mate.huhuhu

6. And of course I want to perform well in my master as I did during may bachelor degree.InsyaAllah.

7. There is another one. I want to buy a car with my own money! InsyaAllah..  :)


  1. Good! Semoga tercapai dalam setiap apa yang diimpikan.

    Tahun depan boleh plan bertunang or kahwin yar.. ;)