Another quilling project.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Yesterday I made another card and gave it to my twin's friend whose also my friend eventually. Luckily she like the card that I gave. And before that I posted the photo of the card in the Facebook and guess what. My former English teacher during my high school commented on the photo. She asked me either she can order it from me. As you all know, I'm just an amateur in this field. There were many people outside there who are really good in this field. 

So I told my teacher, that I'm not really good in it but what she replied, she just want something different and don't care either I'm an amateur or not. Oh! So, she order 10 of it and I think this is the start of my business. But I'm not confirm with her yet what kind of design that she want. I hope she just choose the design that I made on the photo that I posted in the Facebook.  :)

It is not hard to make this card since I'm just using a simple technique, but it needs time..I hope I can do it..  :)

Until we meet next time. Wish me luck. Assalamualaikum  :)


  1. ya..its different since flower in round shape...ahha..nice.

  2. im the lucky one:)
    thank you atiqah.