When you have confidently decide,strive towards it


It is not much I can say here..with this limited of time, i have to limit my writing.

Maybe some of you have known it maybe not. The result of admission to matriculation have been announced yesterday, if I'm not mistaken.

Maybe some of you get it and maybe not. For those who are not get it, don't be disappointed. You all have many others options either than just focusing on the matriculation.

For those who are been accepted, congratulations! But before you decide want to go or not, please think it as much as you can. Going to matriculation is a risky step if you decide to go. It's totally different from your school. Just be prepared, mentally of course. Not all can through a life in matriculation.

Maybe some of you will give up at the middle of your study. So don't be like that, cause you will waste your time. So, one more time i say, think it carefully. Just remember that!

So good luck!And i wish you all the best!


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