Practical Days


It has been a long time i didn't update my blog..i'm quite busy right now, since i'm doing my practical this semester break..but it is quite upset when there is no holiday for's ok, at least i have a new experiences..

For those who wondering, where i'm doing my practical, it's's been 3 weeks i'm doing practical first i'm quite nervous...i'm lucky cause i have friends there who are also doing practical..they have take me to register when i first came to TNB.

1st day there are quite boring..i've to follow substation department...because my registration run very late, i've been left at office because all of my 'geng' are out...but after a week, it's really interesting for me..i've learned a lots from there..

especially from En. Azizan or En Dan...he's talk less and i don't know how to be close to him..but i try to ask anything that i don't know, luckily he's friendly...he teaches me all about substation and sometimes he became very talkative =)) thanks to all of member of substation..maybe i don't remember you all, but i really remember all your faces..

for the 2nd week, i have been following 33kV department..Hj Jaafar is the foremen for this department..he's very talkative person and friendly..he will teaches everything that i don't know...if i don't understand, he will draw it for me to make sure i understand what he's saying...and thanks to all the member in 33kV all such a good teacher!

3rd week i'm following street light department..this department is really interesting..there are really friendly..with azrul, uncle boon and leh, they always makes's quite funny..but when it comes to work, they do it this department, i've been experienced lift up by tower wagon.

at first it quite scary but it's fun!azrul teaches a lot even he's new..thanks to uncle boon..always spend us for breakfast and lunch..i never seen a chinese like him..his attitude just like a malay man..thanks to all of you for giving me a chance, and for being a good teacher to me...=)

next week i will following SAVR...i hope it will be fun and i will get to learn many things from them..


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