This is specially for you my friend (친구).

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi!안녕하세요! Today I just want to write about someone that I can say close to me. 친구 or friend.She's neither my high school nor childhood friend. Most people said, when we go to university or start working to find a very good friend seems so difficult. but for me, I found one.

We knew each other accidentally even though we were in the same class. But first time we started our conversation was not in the class instead it happen at the college. 

I still remember, how I asked her for the class timetable since I don't have one and I don't know how to search for it and at that time we barely talked. So, after a few semesters, I don't know how I get closed to her even though we were not in the same class anymore. We often do our revision together since she's very close to seniors.

And during our final semester, we did one assignment as a partner. To be honest, I really feel comfortable working with her. She's not like my other course mate. She knows her responsibility and that makes me really want to do the assignment  together. I still remember how we stayed back at faculty to finished the assignment even though we didn't get the answer. She spend her top up just to called our lecturer to ask for the information. And lastly we managed to submit our assignment. Even though she said, she didn't contribute much, but for me, for her to be my partner is more than enough.

When it comes to our final year project, she's the one that gives me courage to complete the project. For me, she's such a good friend. Being beside her, just make me happy and comfortable. I still remember, i included her name in my thesis since she's the one that gave me advises and courage to do the project.  I can't find any reasons to feel uncomfortable when I'm with her.

When she's having problem, I really feel sad. I really want to see she success in what ever she do. Because she gave me a lots while I gave her nothing. To my 친구, Nurita Ismail, I'll always there for anything you need. Even if it's just some one to listen. 

안녕히 계세요!

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