We live once, so grab the opportunity!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The 1st semester will end just in a few months. Alhamdulillah, now I can breathe. Hopefully all the hard work pays off. InsyaAllah. Pray for me  :)... And in less than a week Ramadhan will come, do we ready for it? Just ask your self either you have prepare for it or not. Mentally and of course spiritually  :). Lets have the best Ramadhan this year. InsyaAllah.

Since 1st semester will be end, I have been thought many things about my life. What I'm gonna do for the rest of my life. Of course being a good Muslim is my first priority. But being a good Muslim doesn't mean you have to limit your self from doing something you like. I don't like just being a typical Muslim.

So far, I have experienced being a teacher. Even though it was a challenging job, but when I think it back, I have go through the difficult part and now I can tell my friends about my experience. Isn't that good? For me yes. Every experience have their own value even though it just a small one.

I have tried doing quilling art. That was the biggest thing in my life that I thought at first, I can't do it. But look now, I can take order from my teacher. And thanks to my teacher. I think, if she didn't push me to do it, until now, I still think I can't do it. And yes, I have accomplished two of my wishlist for this year. I got my own quilling tools and unlimited(xda la unlimited sangat pun...hehehhee) paper stock to do this quilling art.. Still there are wishlist that I don't accomplish yet. Maybe I have to postpone for next year. Maybe...

And currently I'm interested with bead. Yes! Beading. I've bought 2 tutorials for crumble technique which I like so much. But I didn't try it since I'm quite busy with my master. But InsyaAllah I'll try. My housemate said, I try many things. I replied, in this world, if we like something, just grab that opportunity. Do it. Even though just for a moment. The experience is the most important. For me la.. I don't care if people say I just do something halfway. Because for me, I want the experience. 

And talk about beading, I found that, Malaysian, especially Malay, they don't like to share what they have. It's so hard to find the beading lesson in the web. It is just like impossible. Even for one pattern you have to buy the tutorial. Not like westerners, they share what they have. They even give a free tutorial. That the attitude that we want. We have to believe, our 'rezeki' all came from Allah. 

Currently, I have been reading one blog that was so damn awesome. Seriously, I can't stop reading her blog. She inspired me to go for travel. She is a backpacker. And what amazing about her, she went for travel alone.!! I like the way she travel. Most of us travel with intention to go for shopping. But for her, she travel to see the world. Yes that is travel. It is different from being a traveler and a tourist. 

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

For those who are interested with travelling especially backpacking, just read her blog. You will be inspired!

So, the point here is, everything that come across you life, if you want to do or want to achieve it, just grab it. Don't waste your time when you are young. Do, everything that you like..(benda2 jahat jangan la buat pula yerr ).. So, when you get old, you have something to tell to your children, or maybe your grandchildren. And remember this quote :

Every moment is an experience.

So, don't waste the moment!!!

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