Bila Ramadhan berlalu pergi


How great is your day today? for me, i really excited about today. why? it's the last day of Ramadhan for this year. and tomorrow, we Muslims will be celebrating the Eid,insyaallah. 30 days of fasting just passing by very fast, and now it's come to the end. I'm gonna miss this Ramadhan very much.

So, how the preparation for the Eid.? I'm sure many of us had prepared everything earlier, such as baju raya. same goes to me. i had bought the 'baju raya' on the first week of Ramadhan and it's maroon in color. never wear this color before and don't know how i gonna look alike.

Everyone is very happy right now. Ya, i'm happy too but at the same time it's also sad to leave this Ramadhan. The time runs too fast. and i feel like i don't use this Ramadhan as best as i can. i kind of loss.

I don't want to leave this Ramadhan. i love Ramadhan very much. maybe some of my friend said i'm weird. but that's me. i always waiting for Ramadhan and i really hope that Ramdhan is not just 3o days. b'coz ramadhan is not merely about how many days we're fasting but it's more about the feeling that you get during this Ramadhan. and i bet you'll never get the same feeling being fasting in Ramadhan and being fasting on the regular days.

I'll be missing many thing. Bought 'buka puasa' meal at 'bazar Ramadhan'. Buka puasa dengan kawan-kawan, do the terawih prayer, and the things that i'll be missing more, hear the imam recite quran during the terawih prayer. the feeling that i got during Ramadhan will never be the same after Ramadhan. I just hope that i'll meet the Ramadhan next year.

"Ya Allah, panjangkanlah usiaku, supaya dapat aku bertemu dengan Ramadhan yang penuh keberkatan ini sekali lagi"


note: i know, everybody is wishing for Raya. but i don't feel into it. i just too sad to leave this ramadhan, (T___T)

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  1. sama arr... sy pun suka sgt dengar imam kat kg. bc ms solat terawikh... sory 4 so much read ur blog..