Raya + Wedding = kelam kabut


Just arrived Kangar yesterday, and i was very tired. I had a flu and sore throat, and i don't how long it takes for me to recover. It's really painful. Today, together with my friend plan to go to En. Wahab house. He's our former coach during kadet polis.


I know, everyone now is uploading their raya picture in the facebook. sampai aku dah tak larat nak tengok. But for me, there's no raya's picture. I'm too busy during this raya. Went to Perak, Selangor, than back to Kedah was very tiring. I never had experienced visiting my relatives in such a compact time. One day we had visit three place, can u imagine how tired it could be??

Then back to Kedah, which is in 3rd of Syawal, there's my cousin's weeding. She got married with someone from Terengganu. Sorry to say, but i'm not very comfortable with her husband. Don't ask me why.

The 3rd of Syawal is her 'akad nikah' and it was held in Masjid Baling. She wore a white dress since it's 'akad nikah'. And his father akadkan sendiri. And it was held three times, maybe he's nervous..hahahhaa... i don't know, since i'm not allowed to enter the mosque.

After the akad nikah, we went home. There're some photography session taken by my twin. After had some meal pihak lelaki, went to their homestay. Then at the next day was a 'kenduri'. My pakcik didn't use catering but he cooked by himself together with all the villagers. It quite messy, luckily everything went as planned.

Then after 4 pm, we had to clean up all the stuff during the kenduri and it takes until maghrib to finished all the stuff. I've some picture taken by my twin during this kenduri and akad nikah. So, enjoy!!

For more picture visit : http://pleasedtobehonourable.blogspot.com


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