Okay, i know. It's 3rd of Syawal already. But i still want to wish all the muslims out there 'Salam Aidilfitri'..So, how's your raya. ?for me, it's a very unforgettable raya i ever had. Now i'm still in my kampung (Baling,kedah).

We, had visit most of our relative during this raya. 1st of Syawal we went to Baling, Kedah. After raya's prayer, then we all off to Gerik. All of our family gathered there and it was happening. Then,after that we off to Tapah. It's my father's kampung. We arrived there around 10 p.m.

My cousin who married last year, his wife has safely delivered a baby boy named Mohd. Fitri Aziz. Then after had some meal then we off to Bidor. It's my maklang house. It is near to Tapah. There, all my father's relative gathered. It has been a long time we didn't go back to Tapah. For sure, too many stories want to talk about.

2nd of syawal, we went to banting, visiting my pak su. around 4-5 pm we arrived there. Even paksu is sick, he's still do his best. i really hope paksu will be recover. aminn..

Then after 6 pm we went back to Baling, Kedah. Today is my cousin's weeding. The 'akad nikah' will be held after isyak prayer. Then the kenduri will be on 4th of Syawal. We are now really busy with all the preparation since they're not using catering. I've to steal some times to write this entry.

Okay, i think i stop here since there're many works to do. I'll update soon. Sorry there's no picture during this raya. To busy to take even a single of picture. hahaha..

Salam aidilfitri.


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