Is it possible to get Alzheimer at this age?


First of all i want to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. So, how's your raya?For me, it's just ordinary, because many of our relatives didn't come back for this raya..But it's really good to be back home and kampung.

So, have you all ever heard about Alzheimer? I also not very familiar with this kind of disease actually, but lately something's going wrong with my memory. So, i keep thinking about this disease. It's actually a brain disease which will make you forget everything. It quite serious. Have you ever watch a movie call "A moment to remember"? It's a Korea's movie, which the story is about a man that have an Alzheimer's wife. It's really sad story, and you will shed tears if you watch the movie.

Lately, i keep forgetting many things. Seriously. There's one time, where my twin borrowed money from me, and after a few minutes she want to pay back me the money, but i asked her why she want to do so? She said that she had borrowed a money from me just now. I kind of shocked that time, cause i really don't remember that she just borrowed money from me a few minutes before.

And the things getting worse, when i even forget how to open tap's sink. Suppose i've to twist it anticlockwise, but what have i done is, i twist it clockwise. I really shocked about that, because i really don't know how it happen.

I just hope that, it is just a temporary condition. I hope so..Huhuhu...


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