Last paper for semester 7


Alhamdulillah, i've finished my final exam.I feel so relief, don't have to read anything more and can relax.It's really exhausted when we have to use our brain in everything we do especially when we are studying. Now, i feel so relax!!!

So, how's the paper...Quite disappointed actually. The question is really tough, i just answered what i know. Yang lain just tawakkal ja la..

So, i'll be home this Sunday if everything run as i planned. But it just a short holiday for me, because i've to come back on 22 for the 3P program.

So, now i want to enjoy my holiday as best as i can..Orang cakap, belajar betul2, main pun betul2 jugak kan...hehehe..

For those who are not finish their exam, good luck and i wish all the best for you all especially for my housemate..Good luck!!!


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