Been away for awhile


It has been ages since the last update. I intend to shut down the blog since I don't find it interesting to me. But here I'm now writing again.

A lot of things happen, happy, sad and all sort of felling. I didn't go to Krabi due to my my re-defense of my proposal. This time I nailed it!! I got 1, which means I passed and can proceed with my research.

Currently I'm in my final semester and in writing process.

Yeah, I still don't believe I'm at this state right know. Alhamdulillah, I manage to overcome all the obstacles. Owh, by the way, my supervisor just moved to Jeddah. It was hard, the time I heard the news. But, there's always a way. I hope everything will go as plan.

I have been travel a lot lately. I find that, travel always makes me happy. Since I didn't go to Krabi, I decided to travel in Malaysia.

There're many beautiful places in Malaysia actually. You don't need to go to oversea. But if you have extra money, it's your choice. But Malaysia itself is a beautiful country for you to treasure.

Yes.  I went to Miri, Johor and Sabah.

I just coming back from kuching a few days ago.

I'll update my travel in my other post.

Till then, have a nice day!

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